Solutions Portfolio

Communication Cable Solutions

OMS consists of 3 solution offerings:

• Remote infrastructure Management
• Environmental Control
• Power Management

This is the core technology division in CK focused on customized cost saving solutions. Most of the OMS solutions is in-house engineered and supported, we also offer a range of monitoring and management solutions from world renowned partners.

Remote Infrastructure Management

OMS combines a wide variety of systems into a single Management Platform. It is a unique technology that enables remote management over IP. OMS offers quick deployment, intuitive user operation, and alerts to changes in any aspects of operation, aimed at preventing errors before they happen

Alarm Management and Trouble Ticketing
• Preventative Maintenance
• Financial Management
• Asset Management
• Energy Management (Grid, DC, Generator)
• Security Management

Environmental Control

Free air Cooling
Environmental control enables heat management of ICT equipment shelters. The CK patented “Free Air” cooling solution enables the user to reduce power consumption and extends the life expectancy of ventilation and air-conditioning products. Cooling equipment is designed and manufactured in-house.
Heat Extraction
Heat extraction entails the extraction of hot air directly from heat generating equipment on site. Temperature sensitive equipment is isolated to enable separate cooling with smaller cooling devices. Combined with free air cooling the heat extraction solution enables minimal Aircon usage on site.
Alternative Cooling Solutions
CK offers a wide range of Alternative cooling solutions such as Thermosiphons,Peltier coolers and Heat exchangers supplied by world leading brands.

Power Management

Power Management
The CK patented site Power Manager enables customers to share sites with underrated power supplies to multiple parties. Site owner with up to three shared parties.
Reduced nuisance tripping
Prolong or eliminate power Grid upgrade
Generator changeover management
Current and Voltage measurement per party
Supply Statistics
Phase and Neutral loss detection