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Power Management

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The Power Management Solution of Choice!

CK Solutions’ innovative Power Management equipment has been keeping sites powered, even under extreme conditions.


The Power Manager (TPM) is designed to prevent nuisance tripping of the main circuit breaker on remote sites by start-up staggering and load rotation. In addition, the system incorporates a generator input, enabling source selection. Lastly, on shared sites, the TPM controller meters the energy consumption with class one meters – allowing for accurate billing of tenant’s electricity bill.

The TPM latest model is remotely controlled, monitored and configured via TCP/IP, including the readings of the electricity metering data!

Nuisance tripping prevention of the mains supply circuit breaker is done by managing the power consumption of the site owner and up to three sharing tenants.

During operation the current measurement is done per phase for each party connected to the system. As soon as any one of the phases exceeds a programmed limit, the system will activate rotation mode to limit the current consumption to a value below that of the circuit breaker.

Start-up staggering

After a power failure, there is normally a high starting current. If the supply is insufficient to cater for such a current demand spike, the site’s main circuit breaker will trip and the site will go down until a technician is sent to site. The TPM manages this problem by systematically connecting the power to the parties connected to the system in a staggered and controlled manner, preventing an overload condition.

Load rotation

The TPM continuously monitors the current consumption during operation. Should there be a sudden current spike due to starting of some equipment on one or more of the connected parties, the system rotates a load shedding scheme to the connected parties to manage this over-current demand. The load shedding scheme is fully configurable by the site owner.

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The CK3 is a DIN raile mount device, developed by CK Solutions. It serves two core functions, which are essential for telecommunication sites:

  1. Navigation Light Sensing –  The CK3 can detect a fault in the site’s navigation lights (up to three bulbs) and raises an alarm when a fault is detected.
  2. Mains/Phase Sensing – The CK3 monitors up to three phases and indicates their health status. If a fault is detected on any of the phases, a “Phase Alarm” is raised. In case of all three phases failing, a “Mains Alarm” is raised.

The CK3 can operate in a “standalone” mode or it can be connected to the TPM, allowing alarms to be sent via TCP/IP and SNMP to a remote Network Monitoring System (MNS).

The CK3 has been deployed in thousands of Telecommunication sites and have a proven track record in the field. The sensing and alarming capabilities of the CK3 allow our customers detect when their sites experience failures which require immediate attention.

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