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Systems Integration

The systems integration division was created in order to consolidate the services and products produced in our other divisions.

This division is at the core of CK solutions and encompasses; Material Kitting, Harnesses and Equipment Shelter Reticulation

SI offers expert advice, unique cost saving benefits and custom designed solutions to satisfy every individual customer need.

Equipment Shelter Reticulation

Process Details
Shelter or cabinet material and Layout of equipment determined. Heat dissipation and cooling requirements calculated. AC/DC Board layout.
Equipment placement and installation. Cable routing and labeling according to wiring diagrams.
OEM Equipment test procedures followed. Airflow simulations
Equipment and electrical certification. Data pack compiled containing certificates and wiring diagrams
Delivery to site or warehouse. Placement & Power connection.

Material Kitting

Process Details
Bill of quantity supplied by customer. Alternatively complete solution supplied by customer, CK evaluate and strip to kit form.
Multiple vendor sourcing by CK for best price options. Customer places single "kit" purchase order
All items packed to bill of quantity. Additional materials such as installation manuals and wiring diagrams included.
Quality check
Each kit quality checked on SABS standards. Dual check by production and quality department.
Kit packaged, packaging to suite transportation method. Labeling as per customer specification.
Kit transported to site or warehouse.

Benefits :

• Effectively reduces material wastage as all items
are supplied in exact quantities and lengths
• Uniform material quality across installed base
• Reduce procurement cost and administration,
single vendor solution
• Reduce unnecessary site visits, as a full material
kit is supplied no shortages means no
unnecessary return trips to site